Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) looking at the sky.

looking at the sky.

Ok, Jerry, I know this isn't what you asked for...but I hope you don't mind this [finally] counting as your prize for winning my previous ecard challenge!! I know you've mentioned Fantastic Children a lot, so I figured I could make you a card from it! :) I've never seen it, but it does look intriguing. I'm not sure how happy I AM with this card [it took a while to think of what to do for the text!], but I really hope that you like it at least. ^^;

Original scan found at AP. I actually had it for a looooooooooong while. A while ago, xaos, you wanted to do a FC challenge. And I was going to use this for it! But I never did. ^^; So yeah. Um, the colors were really muted and light...and sketchy in the original, so I had to do a lot of layer duplication, different effects, and LOTS of textures! Lol. Random brush strokes, and then the hard part of thinking up the text (it's harder when you're not familiar with the series). Yes, this is definitely a cryptic could have a lot of answers, I suppose. XD

So there you have it! Enjoy~

Fantastic Children eCards
girl, helga, hilda, see, sky, texture
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