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Stay Strong!

Haha I just noticed the missing "c" in the word succeed.. ^^ Sorry about that. Anyway, it's modified.

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Hmm I hope the font size isn't too small..

Okay.. I'm quite pissed tonight.. I know that MOST (not all) people from other countries hate Filipinos and I don't mind any sarcasms or cursing but the info I got triggered my dark side. As reported, a typhoon/hurricane named undoy severely damaged the northern part of the Philippines and now, another one came (pepeng). My sis told me that there's a blog or something (was that in twitter?) that says that Philippines is a monkey island and monkeys should be wiped out by the typhoon/hurricane. I wouldn't have mind if he/she told that ONLY TO ME but looking at the situation in the northern part of the Philippines right now, that's way too much to say.

Just because one is fortunate doesn't give him/her the right to give sarcastic remarks or curse who aren't. Ignorant people should just shut up.. I may be stupid, but at least I'm considerate to others. Hell yeah! Just act and think like an intelligent person, you insensitive moron! (Sorry, just letting out these negative emotions.. -_-') Okay, done blabbering..

Oh my.. This is the first time I talked too much. Sorry guys. Anyway, I hope those unfortunate Filipinos will overcome the hardships that they are experiencing right now. Stay strong fellow citizens because there's always a rainbow after the rain..

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