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What if we could be free?
Mystify our wisdom in time
and one day we’ll see
What if we found the key?
Throw the dice, unravel our lies
and learn how to be.
~ "What if We" by Chiara

Here is the song link if you want to listen to the song. Beautiful song. SONG HERE

No I did not put the full lyrics of this songin my card, only the top part of what I wrote down and it's in back of my black text that I came up with. You can barely even see it.

Those words that are in the black text are what I wrote. Just wanted to clear that up for everyone. Lol.

Jpg format kills everything...ugh looking at this now it looks blurry. But whatever, I feel proud of this card nonetheless. :) I found this sweet render on Renders Graphiques and thought it would work great, since it looks like Akari is looking off toward a better tomorrow, waiting patiently. :) I just added the blue texture in the back and I created the clouds in the background. So with wonderful GIMP, this card was created! :) I hope you all like it!

This is for the "Personal Touch" Challenge. A good idea for a challenge. And my good friend Kisa is the one holding it, so check it out if you haven't. :) She is an awesome person and really sweet, and the challenge is pretty cool so why not? XD This is dedicated to Kisa because she is a inspirational friend and also because she is holding the challenge. XD

Take care everyone! I hope this card brought some inspiration to you. ^_^ Even though you might be waiting, for a short or a long time, your dreams will come true eventually. I promise you. *hugs* Thank you everyone and have a great day! ♥

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