Magnus Lensherr (eCard Portfolio) The Good Thing About Families...

The Good Thing About Families...

And finally the card is in such a form that my mind will damn well relax about it ~ Glares at mind ~ I was going to submit this half an hour ago but had to make final adjustments that seemed to go on for ages ~ Laughs ~ There was just something wrong with the card before that I didn't understand but until that feeling leaves I can't submit anything ~ Shakes head ~ The fact this worked at all is a complete fluke since I just messed around in Photoshop and this happened ~ Laughs ~ But now at least, I am happy with it ~ Relieved ~

So Cati ~ Laughs ~ This is dedicated to you because 1) You are back so I can dedicate things to you ~ Hugs ~ And 2) Because you are my sister and being the only family I have on here you are forced to have the family card dedicated to you ~ Winks ~ A burden I know but one you have to bare ~ Pats you on the head ~

It is not totally obvious in the picture but Jan Di's family is dancing around in excitement, I think I took several shots and this was the best as the others got blurred or something ~ Laughs ~ It was a while ago, but yea they are doing some very embarrassing things and since in the past I have done some embarrassing things to Cati in our RPG's when her fella was around it seemed triply right to dedicate this to her!

So Cati (again) domo arigato for being an awesome sister, for returning to MyO, and for letting me make an idiot out of you in front of Kazu ~ Monster hugs you ~ You rock sis and I hope this makes you smile after a hard day at work ~ Peace signs ~

The card was created using Photoshop Elements 7, the brushes were from dA probably, and the screenshot was mine!


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