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Think with head, not heart

I often heard about ‘use ur heart’ or ‘listen to ur heart’ words. Even my favorite song have those sentences. At first, I thought ‘heart’ in there have the same meaning with head, I mean ‘brain’ in our head. The heart on that song is only an analogy of head. But … my close friend said : why u always listen to ur head, huh ? just listen to ur heart … ‘ (well … we’ve got a little fight back then). Sounds like … heart can used to think, too.
Hey, is it really possible to thinking with heart ?
I mean … we cant use heart to think, can we ? the only part of human’s body which used to think is brain in our head.
I ask about this to her when we get along well again. N she explained to me if that means we used our head n heart together. n I still don't get it ... (How can that possible ? I understand about head part, but about heart … no) .I also asked my other friends about this, n they can't satisfied me with the answer. One of them said if that heart means ‘feelings’. But, hey . If we use feelings to thinking, we cant get an objective answer, right ? Feelings only used to feel, not to think.
I hope somebody here can give me some better answers. (sorry, if my question sounds silly for ya ! Haha !)

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