Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) Dive for Treasure.

Dive for Treasure.

I scanned this in from my Chrono Cross piano book (the cover), and I've been wanting to do something with it for a while! It was too blurry for a wallpaper, and I certainly didn't want to repaint why not make a card? Sure! So I did. :D I added some overlays, brightened the colors, and I used some brushes to add more glowing "bubbles" in the water. Like the yellow ones around that lantern fish, etc. Then the text...I wanted something kind of inspirational, and I think it makes sense to be that...right? I had a tough time decided where to put it and what it should look like, but I finally did. I guess it looks ok, right? :/ I hope so. After a lot of changing of the text, now I think it looks like a part in a book for kids on the alphabet! The letter "D"!

Well, I hope you guys like it! I changed it around a lot and took 45 minutes or so. I dedicate this to my good friend, Capri-chan! [dafeather] She is so sweet~

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chrono cross, fish, ocean, serge, treasure, underwater, water
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