supersaiyanjounin (eCard Portfolio) Dating Tip #14

Dating Tip #14

"You probably shouldn;t date a guy...if he goes through your text messages." WHY IS IT SO HARD TO READ? It looks fine on my computer, but whenever I submit, it's so hard to read! It's not my fault T^T

Renji! I'm sorry! *Gets punched in the face* I guess I deserved that ^^;

I finished making the e-card series, so now all I have to do is submit them. I think I fulfilled all the requested characters. Here are the characters on the remaining cards:

-Grimmjow Jeagerjacques
-Ulquiorra Schiffer
-Mayuri Kurotsuchi
-Kenpachi Zaraki
-Uryu Ishida
-Ichigo Kurosaki

I'm sorry if I didn't include a character you requested! I can always make you one that's not a part of the dating series, so just let me know! I take character requests for e-cards, just as long as I know the anime, otherwise it wouldn't be funny because I wouldn't know what I was talking about xD

Thank you for all your support! You guys make me so happy with your sweet comments, and it makes this so much more fun for me! I have a lot of Ouran cards ready on my computer for my wonderful friends Trustless and sparkle 078. I practically worship those 2 and their e-card awesomeness! Go check out their portfolios! NOW! Please :3 xD

Is there any anime you would like me to make cards for? Would you like me to go back to making Death Note and Naruto e-cards? Do you want me to continue with Bleach? Are you interested in the Ouran cards I have waiting, and want one dedicated to you? Was one e-card not enough from Lucky Star? Or is there another anime I haven't tried yet? I am open to suggestions! Seriously, requests make me overjoyed xD

Thanks for reading this (if you actually did xD). I hope you enjoy this e-card ^_^


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