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Ok first card challenge ever made by me!! So it'll just be a simple one. There


1: It can be of whatever you want, anime, video game, moive ect so that

2: I want there to be lyrics from any song you want

3: No yaoi or anything like that, keep it e ratings

4: Try your best to give credit to everything *i understand it's hard to remeber sometimes, or if you lose it*

5:Also I want to know what song it is, and what band it comes from

How ill be judging it

1: it'd be a plus if the card was more then a image and the lyrics, like use brushes, textures, inceasre the colors,

2: How will the lyrics fits with the image, you know what everyone does

I think that covers it all, so enjoy
If you need to know anything else go ahead and ask in a comment or pm im on almost everyday so you can't miss me ^^

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Sing for absolution ~Felcie
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