ArcticFoxDemon Music Inspiration Challenge

Hello everyone! This challenge is a bit different from all of the rest!!
This challenge will test your ability to make cards, BUT itll also test your creativity and artistic abilities, and mixes it all with MUSIC!!!

STEP 1: You must listen to these two songs (listed BELOW), and choose ONE for the theme of your card!

STEP 2: Interpret the music however you want and express it on the card. You can do literally anything, BUT be sure to use a part of the lyrics in your card.

Theres only a few rules. Please dont use pictures, album covers, etc related to the band Angels & Airwaves or the members in it. I'm looking for your own ideas!

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for a card that uses the lyrics of one of the two songs listed, and the card that reflects your interpretation. It can be anything, anime, love, the universe, whatever you want! I'm looking for creativity and the level of technique and artistic ability in your card!

I will be the sole judge for this competition X3
You CAN enter as many cards into this competition as you want. You have a month, so go! =3

Also remember that the most popular part of the song will be the chorus =O So choose your song lyrics wisely to separate yourself from the rest of the pack! ^^

Song Choice A
"The Flight of Apollo" By Angels and Airwaves from the album LOVE
heres a you a link

Song Choice B
"Soul Survivor (...2012) By Angels and Airwaves from the album LOVE
Heres another link =3

The album is also free to download from their website

PS. When i listen to this album, especially these songs listed I ALWAYS have one theme running through my head =3 I wonder if someone will figure out that theme? =O

1st Place: 3 gifts, 2 CDS!!
2nd Place: 2 gifts!!!

There might be a 3rd place, but it depends.

I'm very excited to see what you all come up with!
Best Wishes!!!


PS. Message me for any questions.

I truly apologize about not declaring the winners of this contest earlier x.x I would have done this sooner, but i'm a music major and i had a BIG recital and a month to work up some tough music. One of my pieces i'm even recording to send to the composer! =O But i do apologize about this >< Here are the winners and i will send you the CD's (through skype, email, etc) as soon as i can! Most likely itll be during this thanksgiving break ^^

1st place- Soul Survivors by babydestiny

2nd place- The sounds are deafening by Red Stars

3rd place- do you feel...? by angel Zakuro

The theme that I imagined for the Angels and Airwaves songs was deep space and looking at the stars. When i listen to these songs i always imagine myself either looking at the earth and its natural creations, or looking up at the stars, feeling small, and wondering what is all out there in the vast universe!

In the end I judged these on how well i thought their card fit the lyrics they used. I also judged on artistic, creativity, etc. =] and it was a damn tough competition to grade.

The cards were tough to judge! I got a few people at my university to help me out ^^ Congrats to the winners!!! =]

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Soul Survivors ~BabyD
The sounds are deafening... ~
do you feel...? ~Angel Zakuro
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