Personalize Your Card

Make an e-card that shows something about yourself.

The card can be about your personality, something take makes you unique, something that you like, etc. The idea of this challenge is to make an e-card that really makes it look like this card shows who you are in it. This way when people see the card they know, only you could have done this.

Basically make an e-card that tells us something about yourself in it, it doesn’t have to be personal or some deep dark secret, just something you would like to share.

Prizes: 1 gift of my choice [with a special message explaining why.], 1 e-card with something personal about me.

The prize(s) of this challenge is special in a way because it will have some meaning and you learn something about me that a lot of you don’t know.

Winners vary, maybe only one, two, or three.

You can submit as many e-cards as you want, only club members will be allowed to enter this challenge. Other people will be disqualified.

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Yakumo Star17 Okitaru
11 entries
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the sad's my soul twin ~
My Everything ~Ritona
The Gift of Imagination ~SolemnSerpent
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