Bleachic Bleach: The Smexiest Damn Card Ever!

Ah, for my second challenge. Are you ready to hear what I want? Okay, well then, here goes:

The topic of the challenge is, of course, Bleach. I want you to create an E-Card worthy of being called "The Smexiest Damn Card Ever!" Using the male characters of Bleach, I want you to make me swoon and drool where I stand. I want a, "OMFG! I'm about to melt," kind of card. So, please, give me the smexiest card you can!

Other Info:

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please keep to the challenge topic. I don't want someone straying off topic; remember I want the smexiest, not the most awesome, card ever.
  • Use only male characters. I know I've already stated that above, however, I just wanted to remind you.
  • The limit for submission for this challenge is two cards per member.
  • And abide by Otaku's submission guidelines. That's most important.

Prizes Awarded:

  • First Place Winner: Two E-cards of your choice and two gifts
  • Second Place Winner: One E-card of your choice and two gifts
  • Third Place Winner: One E-card of your choice and one gift

Also any 'Uryu is Love' members will be awarded:

  • First Place Winner (if you're placed): Already stated prizes along with 1,000 Spirit Points
  • Second Place Winner (if you're placed): Already stated prizes along with 800 Spirit Points
  • Third Place Winner (if your placed): Already stated prizes along with 600 Spirit Points

Okay, so the deadline date is one month from now. I hope you got what it takes to participate in this challenge.

With Love From: Bleachic


The Winners and the Prizes:

First Place: Support KIRA for Don't Speak

  • Two cards of choice
  • Two gifts
  • 1,000 Spirit Points

Second Place: diamond9393anda for Renji-Dream

  • One card of choice
  • Two Gifts

Third Place: Felcie for Hot as Ice

  • One card of choice
  • One gift

Thank you to all of the participants of this challenge. I enjoyed every submission and appreciate in your participation. I must admit it was a toughie to decide the winners. In the end, though, the winners entries are the ones I just could not help but to swoon over continiously. Also, I had noticed, that they were all Renji cards...uh, those Renji images were...*♥O♥*...okay, so there are no words for those images. Well, anywho, thanks again to all of my friends and participants (though, I think I already said that a bagillion times by now -_-') and I hope to see all of you in the future challenges!

For the winners of this challenge, please PM me your e-Card request when possible. Thanks a ton!


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Don't Speak ~Support KIRA
Renji - Dream ~diamond9393anda
Hot as Ice ~Felcie
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