Ryu The Doors

Very simple idea, with the possibility for great results. I want you to make an Ecard that has lyrics from any one song written by the popular band from California, The Doors. Artwork/screenshots may be from any anime/video game (no real life stuff, please) and MUST BE CREDITED BACK TO THE SOURCE. No plagirism; it's not very nice.
Winners will be judged on creativity, presentation, and the correspondence between the lyrics and the image.
Hope you're tired of silly prizes, because I'm giving out good ones. Winner will get a Doors album mailed to them and runner-up will be mailed a 45 (a two sided, two song vinyl disc). Haven't decided which album or 45 songs yet. :P
Deadline will be July 3rd, so you have a month to work on this.

Hope there will be a lot of contest!

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unknown. ~bellpickle
People Are Strange ~moonlit dream
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