Bleachic Rival Advertisment!

Ah! Here it is, my first challenge. I'm quite nervous to be honest. I've only ever done submissions, too nervous to create one. However, here I am now. So, well, here goes:

All right, what I want you to do is simple. Create an advertisment. I want you to use your favorite characters from your choice of anime/manga to advertise another anime/manga that you love.

I don't want any ordinary advertisment. SO GET CREATIVE AND MAKE IT INTERESTING! Also, I want them to be RIVAL(I guess you could call it that?) anime/manga to advertise the other; like Bleach characters advertising Naruto, or Naruto characters advertising Full Metal Alchemist, or whatever else comes to your mind. Try to make them funny, sarcastic, or whatever! It doesn't matter as long as it's interesting and fun!

As for entries; you may submit as much as you like. I know it's hard to have just one/two favorites, so go for it! The duration of this challenge is also one month.

Keep it clean and do follow the Otaku guidelines please!

Well, I guess that's really it. Just do your ABSOLUTE BEST and have fun! Thanks a ton to all of you and if you have any questions, feel free to comment or PM me!

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