Food is Fun!

So, for this challenge submit any funny card that contains any sort of food or even a reference to food! Let it be candy, snacks, meals, whatever is fine! It can be from anything but needs to be humorous in some way even if it is a shocking fact about amount of calories in something. so yeah, just make it include food. And fun. I know there's a lot of good scenes including food so this shouldn't be too difficult. Quality of card will play some role in this, but the message and scene is the most important thing.

Hints: search "food" in the search box and look under cards and there are many ideas there. Also, it's probably best to do ones that include many scenes of food. Bleach and One Piece have some good ones, but don't limit your choices though. Just a suggestion there.

Anyway, good luck to everyone!

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I love you but... ~Destainy Lost
Picnic musts! ~Angel Zakuro
Deadly... ~draikfire
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