SunfallE Birthday Wishes: Bossman Style!

In honor of our hard working Bossman, Adam, I’m hosting a Birthday eCard contest here at theOtaku. Since it’s his birthday on April 30, what better way to honor him than to make nifty birthday cards for him? So the goal of this contest is to create a high quality birthday card for theOtaku’s Bossman: Adam.

Now please read the rules completely and carefully since there are a couple of key things I’ll be paying attention to. And any card that doesn’t meet these specifications will be disqualified. Here is what I’m looking for:

  • Use high quality images; I don’t want to see pixilated or distorted images.

  • No white and black borders with text tossed on. Pretty it up, don’t take shortcuts like that.
  • Any category is fine so you can make it for an anime a video game, movie or music.
  • No names on the card. I don’t want to see Happy Birthday Adam. Cards like that are useless. Make it so anyone can get the card. ^_~
  • Dedicate the work to Adam. I’ve seen members dedicating works to the person who created a challenge. It’s not my birthday on the 30th so dedicating it to me would be useless. =P
  • Be creative!

So there you have it. You can enter more than once, however, I don’t want to see more than say five entries by one member. Anything beyond that will be ignored. I’m going to be quite picky about the entries. Judging will based on effort, style and quality. So don’t be afraid to go all out making one.

Finally, good luck!


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Birthday! ~NinjaGirlSango
Bubbly birthday wishes! :D ~Angel Zakuro
You're Old! ~Indi
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