36inc ritsuber!!anime commercials!

i kinda missed the k-on caption month but who cares.i wanna see a k-on character in a card thats like a commercial.
like with a coke theme or pepsi?ritsuber yeah!!

i got this idea cause i love this little parody called k-on the abridged series by justfiveguys.its awesome.
but either way.yeahrules!

{yui}:ok first,it doesnt have to be a food item,as long as it seems to sell something like a poster would then its fine.

{mio}:use anyone from k-on youd like of course
{yui}:why did you state the obviouse mio?
{mio}cause shut up yui.

{ritsu}:make sure to use clear captions,i dont like straining my eyes trying to read your drivel.

{tsumugi}:like there will be like prizes and stuff.

{tsumugi}like first prize gets,like a wallie and two fan arts

second gets two fan arts
and third gets like a wallie.
like make sure its awesome and has loads of lolis in it

{mio}mugi get the frak out of my way

{tsumugi}:like sorry,geez.

{yui}:good luck and hope you do well.

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