bellpickle Lyrical Autumn

This challenge has two parts to it:

1) The picture must, in some way, be related to autumn. It can even be a somewhat obscure connection, like a character featured in the card is named October or something. If the connection is obscure, please explain as much in the description.

2) The text on the card must be a lyric from a song. If the lyrics are from a non-English song, please make sure the English translation is at least visible somewhere on the card. Also, please limit the lyrics to a few lines max, as opposed to two full verses or something. Choose the lines that best match your picture! Finally, please make sure to credit which song you borrowed the lyrics from in the description. :)

Prizes (ALL prizes are requests)
First Place: 1 e-card + 1 avatar
Second Place: 1 e-card
Third Place: 1 avatar

The limit is three entries per person. Category can be anything. (Anime, manga, live-action, anything...) Judging will be based both on the overall quality of the card, as well as the lyric's appropriateness in relation to the graphic.

Good luck~! :D

UPDATE (11/26/09): Thank you to all who participated! The quality of the entries was even better than I had anticipated. :)

The results:
1st place - Ritona Raito
2nd place: ChibiSasuke
3rd place: Angel Zakuro
Honorable Mention: DarlingDragonflyX's Lyrical Autumn

You can see the winners' entries below. Thank you again to all participants! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Challenge completed
Night, You: ~Ritona
Your Story ~ChibiSasuke
memories are faulty cameras. ~Angel Zakuro
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