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Hi thanks for clicking. Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to make an anime e-card that contains a famous movie quote(s). All you have to do is think of a popular movie line, find an appropriate image to go with it and write it on. Simple no?

Here is one I made with the quote from the dark knight. “why so serious” is the line.

Guidelines to follow
•maximum rating of PG-13.
•Must be own work
•Please state what anime your image is from as I’m not familiar with them all.
•In the details box please state what movie the quote is from as I WILL check
•Any anime or crossover you want
•The quote can be of any emotion, meaning it can be funny, sad what ever you want.
•You can submit as many entries as you wish

Marking criteria
•The effectiveness of the image with the quote
•The general layout and effort
•Accuracy of quote (go to if unsure)

1st wallpaper and a gift
2nd e-card and gift
3rd a gift

If you have any questions just ask me. Good luck and let the creativity begin! ^_^

**I might be late on giving out prizes or commenting but please don’t take it personally, my pc is acting up and although my phone has web access it won’t let me post stuff. Also thanks for all the entries so far it will be difficult to find a winner**

winners will be contacted on monday( 16th of this month)

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Use the force, er, I mean alchemy ~xlolfishx
Hero and Villain ~Timcanpy14
Poor Bugger ~Blood Huntress
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