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Hey~! So I have noticed how theOtaku seems to be dying. Badly. Everyone went to Tumblr or something. Anyways, I noticed the shortage of eCards being submitted and wondered, "Hey, where are all those people who do challenges?" Then I noticed that there were, in fact, no eCard challenges going on. So here I am with my third challenge.

Basically, the card's most noticeable point should be the red. Whether it is a rose, blood, eyes, etc. Just make it pop. I understand that, without Photoshop, this task can be extremely difficult (I for one don't have it), but I know that it is still possible to do so, though it may not be as saturated. Without further ado, here are the rules!!!


1) I shouldn't have to put this, but follow theO's rules. Honestly.

2) Avoid yaoi and yuri please. Personally not into that and I don't want to know how questionable that can get when the color of the challenge is red.

3) Smut and ecchi is no, but I think most if not all of that is covered in theO's PG-13 rule.

4) Anime, manga, video games, real peeps, etc. are all allowed.

5) No need to dedicate it to me unless you feel like it.

6) No entry limits.


1) 2 eCards and a gift

2) 1 eCard and a gift

3) 1 eCard ('cuz getting just a gift is lame imo)

Further info

The time limit is 2 months. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to comment or PM me! I will try to answer within 24 hours, but honestly it shouldn't take me that long. Please have fun!


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