::The Gift That Keeps On Giving::

Hello good peoples~

Decided to do another e-card challenge. Thanks to everyone who participated in my first one way back when. :) It was fun seeing all the entries and whatnot. I should do another game related one sometime but not this time.

This time involves gifts!

I've had this idea for sometime now and I feel I am ready to explain!

***If you want to be a judge instead be sure to pm me to let me know. :)***


So this challenge is basically using the gifts you've received on TheOtaku as a main source of inspiration to create an e-card. Those little gifts that you may or may not display on your portfolio? Those gifts. These in case not everyone know what I mean:

Click Backroom -> Hover Over Profile Link -> Click Gifts -> My Gifts :)


  • 1. Choose a received gift to use as your inspiration.
  • 2. Based on the gift you have chosen, find a picture that includes that object/animal/etc.
  • 3. The message on the card have to be a similar message that's on the gift you've chosen as inspiration.
  • 4. Dedicate the card to who sent you that gift you used as inspiration. :)


  • Let's say you choose a banana gift that you received from Aishia (lol) with a message that says: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
  • Find a picture that have a banana in it: Example Pic
  • Use it for your e-card and add a message: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" or something similar to the message on the gift.

lol I know this is one bootleg example, but I haven't made a card showing what I'm talking about so I hope the example explanation could clarify and if not then message me your question or leave a comment! :D


-You can submit unlimited entries
[Despite unlimited entries remember it's quality over quantity. :)]

-A link to your image source is a must. If you do not give credit to where you got the picture from you will get disqualified. Only use official artwork, scans, screenshots, and/or TheOtaku fanart (if permission is available on said artwork.)
[Kami-chan.x3 created a great post about places that are safe to get scans from: Safe Scan List (though I do forbid using any under the renders section and Zerochan) and SolemnSerpent also made a good post about this too even if it's incomplete, but yeah. XD Pretty much follow TheOtaku Guidelines. Haha I could have just said that. :)]

-Shounen-ai(BL)/Yaoi & Shoujo-ai(GL)/Yuri is allowed. :)

-Have to keep it clean.
[Since it's a PG-13 & below site.]

-Remember to dedicate the submission to the person who gave you the gift you got your inspiration from!

-Include in the description about the gift you gather inspiration from it also would be nice if you had a description either explaining about the person you received the gift from, how you felt about receiving the gift, or what have you relating to these.
[I just enjoy reading descriptions just as much as I do looking at the submission. :)]

-DO NOT USE A GIFT I HAVE GIVEN YOU! So anyone who got a gift from me (Aishia) at some point in time, do not use them for this challenge.
[I say this because I don't want the judging to seem bias even though I'm going to have one other person help me judge it and maybe more... XD]

-Make sure that the image you use does include the gift image within it and it majority focus on that object/animal/etc. (feel like I could word this better, but yeah...)

-Again message have to be similar to the message that was attached to the gift you're using for inspiration. Well either similar or related to the message.

-Um...I think that is all for now, but if you have any questions my inbox is free and/or you can comment here. :)



First Place: 1 drawing (fully colored/animated version) + 1 animated/gif e-card + 1 wallpaper or mobile wallpaper
Second Place: 1 drawing (fully colored only) + 1 animated/gif e-card request + 1 wallpaper or mobile wallpaper
Third Place: 1 drawing (fully colored only) + 1 animated/gif e-card
Honorable Mentions: 1 sketch + 1 animated/gif e-card
Everyone Else Who Participated: 1 sketch


I tried to invite as many e-cardists I know or have seen cards from so I have a feeling I probably miss some folks. XD So even if you're not invited still feel free to join if you can! :D And even if you are invited you don't have to join, but if you can that's great! :D



Note: I just noticed the deadline date will be on a day that I probably won't be at home...just a little note... After this challenge is done, it might be awhile before I announce winners and start on prizes. *nods* So again have fun and also good luck. :)

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