infinatelove42 Le Drama Llama

Hoonestly i have been hooked on watching dramas T^T
so when i came to theO to check out if there was any artwork
and then i find out ........

0.0 THERE IS NONE????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this so called called challenge is reaching out to you who watch dramas
or those of you who love to watch live actions too

....But why a card challenge?...

well i figured it was the best way to get creative in the best way possible

so now then ...

Le Rules:


  • Must Must Must Credit Everything!!! i cannot express how important this is
  • Please tell me a little bit about this drama and/or Live Action in the caption
  • Please Keep to theO rules or you'll be shot out of a canon
  • Tag as Drama Llama so i know that you are participating
  • 1-4 entries are allowed
  • Promote this challenge
  • Have funnnn !!!!


This will actually be between me and the top three
i am even willing to pay for shipping since its a present
But if you do not make it i will give you a gift for participating anyways ^^

yep thats it
if any questions a rise i will be happy to help hehe..

~Your Dearly Beloved Queen of Mustaches

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Full House~ ~Kazumi Chi
Only Hope ~Allie Elric
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