JanetChan lets get [BASIC.]

So I'm pretty sure you've all heard, or at least noticed what kind of state I'm in. And to those who don't know, my computer crashed recently and gimps being a BLEEP and not letting my download any new fonts to its system. So apparently I'm stuck with it's basic fonts. Very sad, I know. And I was thinking, why should I be the only one to suffer this horrid experience? So I decided to take you all down with me.

Challenge: Make a card with basic fonts.

Some examples:

A better example:

I'd give more, but I don't really see any cards that use basics, and Noona's was because I remembered this from a long time ago.

I'm pretty sure it's self-explanatory and really simple.


I don't want any crappy cards. I'm not really one to say that, but I do put time in my cards and try to put meaning into them as well. So I don't want a card that just has a picture on it with some Times Roman slapped onto it just because I said "basic." By basic, I mean the font style not the card. The card can be very complex with pretty colors and all or very simple.

○Follow theO's rules. Obviously.
Good quality cards This is a must. Come on guys, give it some time and the card will look great!
Has basic Fonts Also a must. If I see some pretty font that obviously isn't basic, card will be disqualified. Scroll down for some examples of basic fonts. But I'm pretty sure there all there in whatever program you use.
○Can be any genre, except fanart. NO FANART PEOPLE! But yeah, everything else, from random pic's on Google [THAT YOU TURNED INTO SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL] to a hawt, smexy boy that needs some attention. ;)
○I'll allow yaoi/yuri for this one, but not anything too crazii.
○Use sites like MiniTokyo and AnimePaper
Link Everything And I mean absolutely everything.
○Do put in the name(s) of the fonts you used.
○I'd like to feel special by dedicating to me, but alas, you can dedicate to someone else. BUT YOU DO GET BROWNIE POINTS FOR DEDICATING TO MEH. <3

1st Place: 10 Cards of Choice and a shower of gifts.
2nd Place: 5 Cards of Choice and a drizzle of gifts.
3rd Place: 2 Cards of Choice and.....well you get no gifts. *shot*

There will be Honorable Mentions who will receive a card of their choice. Look back after challenge is done to see who they are.

This challenge is open to all e-card artists.

Some Basic Fonts:
○Times New Roman
○Lucida Console
○Courier New
○MS Serif
○Segoe Print
○Century Gothic
○Felix Titling

You DO NOT have to use these, they are just examples.

EDIT:JESUS, it took me some time to choose the winners! You people and your ahmazing entries.....-______- Congrats to the winners, especially the winner DeeDee! Ooooh gurl you better be ready for your gifts!!

But of course, I have to mention my Honorable Mentions:
Soft Touch - chibi-anna-chan
another sunrise. - Angel Zakuro
keep smiling - ichi haze

And to the winners and honorable mentions...aw heck all the participants too, please either comment or pm me about what you want portrayed in your card. DON'T MAKE ME DO MORE WORK THEN NECESSARY!! ;DD

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Forgive me, again... ~BabyD
[Even Angels Fall] ~Ikemarth
Quiet Lullaby ~Blue Latte
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