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Well... it's been awhile guys! Haven't been very active here lately.
I'm visiting Ohio, I'm bored, and I really should be working on my English 10 summer reading, but nope, I'm gonna make a challenge.

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to make a card that strikes me funny.

- MUST be funny!
- Be respectful
- Follow theO's rules
- Good quality (no fuzzy / pixelated images)
- No inappropriate jokes
- Don't make your own quote up!
- Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation to the best of your ability!
- Follow the rules or you'll be disqualified!
- Do me a favor and add 'Loki' into your tags >:D
- And have fun. :)

- I tend to think things that are supposed to be funny usually aren't.
-Ex. When a truck crashes into something and the camera shows you a 'How's My Driving' bumper sticker.
-Or in Nightmare Before Christmas, when Jack's singing and he says something about reciting Shakespearean quotes (maybe it wasn't supposed to be funny, but everybody I know in RL that's seen it laughs about that line and I don't find it funny)
- I usually don't understand 'subtle' jokes.
- Some things that I DO find funny (and no you can't use these!)
- "I have two words for you. BRUSH YOUR TEETH!" (Tank Girl the movie)
- When Grell falls out of the gondola (Kuroshitsuji 'Hamlet' special)
- "Now we're being followed by rocks..." (PotC 3)
Also, 90% guaranteed, if you use a quote that either Chucky or Tiffany says in the Bride or Seed movies, I'll think it's funny. (Don't ask. I like crappy movies.)
The Bill Dance bloopers are also hilarious. But I really don't think they'd be funny in a card because you have to see the action play itself out to laugh.
And in case you don't know who Loki is, he's the bad guy from the Avengers. My friend and I think he's funny :3

Questions? Just comment! One month. As for prizes... a premium membership might be in your future. Maybe.

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