Blood Huntress BBC


To give people a break from all of the anime challenges that are being put up due to Adam's challenge, I decided to make a non-anime challenge~

As the title reads, I'd like this card to do with a series put out by BBC. As many of my followers know, BBC is pretty much the only television I watch, so I thought this might be interesting~

Examples of shows are: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Being Human, Top Gear, Misfits, Torchwood etc.

That's pretty much the only rule that I'll require for this~

Preferably, unless you have somebody else you'd rather dedicate the card to, dedicate it to me, just so that if I forget to check the actual challenge page frequently, it'll be put straight to my attention.

Good luck~

1st place: Wallpaper, 2 Cards
2nd place: Wallpaper, Card (Or just 2 cards)
3rd place: Either a wallpaper or a card

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Doctor Who
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Rocket Scientist ~Felcie
{Sherlock} ~BabyD
Where to start? ~Kaerlyn
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