MikuXHatsune Something I Want To Change [I am Beautiful]

Simple challenge idea just helping out for the challenge that's going on lololololololol

A'ight. We've all got something about us we hate, right? Like me, I hate being short. I hate having a short temper. I hate being a socially awkward dork. And you all have something about yourself that you hate. Physical or personality, we all find flaws in ourselves.

But on the other hand, when we have friends that feel like they're covered in flaws, we do what we can to make them feel better, right? Even if we doubt ourselves, we always preach confidence to others to help them, right?

That puts this challenge into two cards.

1. I want you to make a card featuring an image, or lyrics, or even just one word that represents something about yourself that you hate and want to change.

2. Then I want you to make a card reminding yourself, and others, that you're beautiful and perfect no matter what "flaws" you have.

One catch, though. Let's say you make a rainy, depressing card for the "flaw" card. You need to make, at least a rainy card for the "beautiful" card. It needs to have the same sort of theme. Rainy, sunny, gothic, flowers, food, whatever.

You guys get brownie points if you manage to use the same image in both cards, but in the "flaw" card it's super depressing and dark looking, and then you turn it around and make it really happy for the "beautiful" card.


1. Follow the basic Otaku rules.
2. If you have a friend here who needs a confidence boost, dedicate the card to them and include a nice description for them :)
3. No low-quality cards.
4. No stealing
5. Unlimited entries, but the cards must always come in a set of two.


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Happiness? Part One ~
To change... ~Kaerlyn
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