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Hey guys! I've been wanting to make a challenge so what better time than now, with this Challenge Slam thing going on?
I wasn't sure what to make this challenge about, but I hope you guys like what I decided on.

Recently I've been thinking: I don't really have a defined ecard style. Some people, you see their works and KNOW who did it without having to look at the username. Examples of this: [x] [x] [x] [x]
So this challenge is about making a card which expresses what you feel is your "style." Many of you probably are like me & jump around with styles, so I hope this is a bit of artistic self-exploration for you. I don't stick to one style & I would hope no one else always does, but for this challenge I want you to make a card in a style that YOU personally feel expresses your artistic preferences, ideas, and talent. I want you to shine in this.

And the second part of the title, "YOUR favorite," refers to the fact that I want you guys to make the card of your favorite/one of your favorite characters from an anime, manga, or video game. This challenge is about expressing your personality in style & content, so have a lot of fun with it, please~


*Only ONE character in your card.
*Typography? Make it AMAZING. Cards with Times New Roman plastered in some unreadable color on a scan makes me go BLEH. I want to look at your card and be like "That looks beautiful!"
*Links to the scan & textures, brushes, etc. would be appreciated but I understand if you don't have all the links. But do credit where it is needed.
*Follow TheO guidelines--no fan art, nothing innapropriate, etc.
*In the description, talk about why you think that card expression your style & why you love the character you picked.


1st--medal, 2 cards, 6 icons.
2nd--medal, card, 4 icons.
3rd--medal & 6 icons.

Honorable mentions--to be determined if you guys give me a ton of great entries.

Sorry if my prizes are insufficient but I'm going to be really busy, as per usual.
Deadline: One month.

Questions? Do ask.

Love from Twinkles <3

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