Collaboration E-cards

Hello. This is my latest challenge!

Alright so collaboration e-cards. How does this work? Well first off you need two people. You see this challenge is going to have a little twist to it. ^^. Instead of just one person submitting an e-card I want two people to collaborate and work together to make an e-card and submit it to theO as the entry for this challenge.

Requirements and how to’s:

1. You and your partner will make an e-card together. What do I mean? Well someone can edit the image and the other person can put the wording on it, or something like that. Whatever, but the bottom line is two people have to do something on that e-card together for it to count.

2. The e-card can be ANY series but I MUST be anime, manga, manhua, manhwa, etc. No live action movies, dramas, novels, etc.

3. The theme can be anything, happy, sad, funny, holiday related, random, whatever.

4. Who submits this e-card? Well okay so the person that submits the e-card gets the shiny medal right? So here is what we do. Since I DO NOT want two people submitting the same e-card they made twice among the 2 of you pick who gets to submit the e-card and THAT person MUST dedicate that e-card to the person that helped make it. And since the person being dedicated helped but will not get the medal I will send you a gift of your choice alright? If you understand okay.

5. How many e-cards can I make? Unlimited, make as many as you can make!

6. Do I only have to partner up with just one person? No. Collaborate with as many people as you want BUT for each e-card ONLY 2 people are allowed to work on it. So for EVERY e-card made it can ONLY be made by 2 people. The partnering can be many for example, for “e-card #1”, “Member B” and “Member A” work together and make an e-card but “Member A” wants to make an e-card with “Member Q”, so what to do? “Member A” & “Member Q” make their own e-card. Alright? ^^

Now then rules:

- Nothing that goes against theO rules (NO porn, no profanity, no nudity, no extreme violence/gore, PG-13 ONLY)

- DO NOT pair up with people that you are not friends with or that you cannot get along with. I REFUSE to referee any cat fighting or nonsense because two people cannot agree on something. If ANYONE pisses me off you are OUT! I will not waste time listening to who started the fight. Got it? (I am saying this so bluntly because I have no time to listen to teenagers and grown adults complaining because they cannot work together.)

- You MUST put in the description what each person did and contributed to the e-card. (Optionally you can talk about what it was like making an e-card together with another person.)

Okay then those are all the things you need to know. The purpose of this challenge is to show some team work and to have fun. Play nicely and enjoy yourselves. This challenge is open to everyone so do your best. Winners will be picked based on how nice the e-card looks and how well you worked together.

Prizes are as following:

1st place: 1 e-card by me (of your choice or randomly by me)
2nd & 3rd place: 1 e-card (my choice only)

Take care, and enjoy. Bye!

**NOTE: Please DO NOT spam this comment page to ASK for people to work with you. PM (private message) people ONLY or ask on your world, okay? DO NOT ASK HERE!**

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