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Hey there, time to make a challenge! Pssssssst some of you know who I am
I wanted to stick to eCards, because I'm not sure how easily this can be made into a wallpaper challenge ^^;

Anyways, I was inspired by Ritona Raito's "Tell Me More" challenge to make this one. I guess it's of a similar concept, but it's not the same.

Basically, I want you to make a card about your favorite thing about yourself.
Rather it's your hair (lol, that would be hard to make an eCard about XD), or maybe you're really optimistic and you like being that way, or whatever. You get what I'm saying, right?

For example, if I were to enter this challenge, I'd make a card with something to do with advice, or helping people. It seems I'm really good at giving advice, and helping people, and I absolutely love being able to do that, so I'd make a card about it. Understand?

Anyways, rules:

1. Avoid Zerochan, Eshuu-shuu and any image dump
2. High quality cards
3. Have fun!

I know there isn't much rules, but what rules can I make? ^^;


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Definition of Grace ~Ritona Raito
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Look me in the eyes ~xNotUnderstood
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