XkeyofdestinyX what makes you think of?

So, here is just a simple challenge again, I need to take some time and think of a really difficult one, to make. XD

I want you to make a card, based off the biggest thing that makes you think of any of your friends.

Like with mikuberry: Most would probably pick a strawberry, or miku XD
Hikari the Wolf: A wolf.

and so on.

1: Images must come from like minitokyo, or anime paper. Or art books.
2: Link as much as possible, please.
3: ~Unlimited entires~
4: If its someone from the O, dedicate it to them
5: Have fun~
6:Most important rule: Put the word Zombie in the tag.
7: Explain to me why you think of this person with such and such thing.
8: You can make more then one card for a member or a person. But! if it where like Mikuberry and you chose a strumberry, and make a second card for her, then it has to be a strumberry again.
9: If it's a food item that reminds you of someone, you can gladly have a person in the image, but have the food in it too. It DOES NOT have to be just of food, that could be hard to make XD
I think this covers it.

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