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Anime/Manga Character Birthday List
Anime/Manga Character Birthday List 2

AIM: Using the lists, look up which characters share the same birthday as you. Then pick 1 of the characters and make a card of that character.


  • find your birthday (month and date)
  • pick 1 of the characters who share the same birthday as you
  • make a card focusing on that character


  • Show effort.
  • Judging will be based on creativity, the complete product, and quality.
  • entries that do not follow the directions will not be considered for judging.
  • 1 Entry only.
  • your birthday twin is the main focus of your card; it shouldn't be like the wanted poster for Luffy and how Usopp was in the background.
  • GIVE CREDIT. Say where you got the textures, brushes, pics, etc.

1st. medal + 3 picks of a wallpaper, icon, card, and/or fan art of your choice
2nd. medal + 2 picks of a wallpaper, icon, and/or card of your choice
3rd. medal + wallpaper and/or card of your choice
everyone else. medal + card of your choice

Everyone has to state if they want the prize and of what after Winner(s) are picked. No response in 21 days will mean no prize for you.

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