Creative impression

Hello everyone!
This my first challenge, hope you'll find the idea interesting.

Just like what the title says, I want to you make a card about your first impression about someone here on TheO. Whether it was good or not. Your card should represent it.
But, you should also represent in your card something from that person's style. Not imitating him/her, but something you learned from that person.His/her style inspires you.

Don't be afraid if your first impression wasn't good, first impression can be random.So don't get upset about it okay? ^^

1-Any category accepted. (anime/manga, video games, real life..etc)
2- Give credits if possible, but at least link to the original image.
3- No Yaoi/Yuri.
4- Dedicate the card to the member you're going to choose.
5- Write a description telling your first impression about the member, and also what did you learn from him/her. Or Why does he/she inspire you.
6-Unlimited submissions
7- Please credit if you used a quote or a song lyrics.
8- Only MT/AP scans or vectors can be used! (except for real life, they can be from anywhere)
9- Feel free whether to enter or not!

Please comment if you have any questions!

Hope this challenge will help you to improve you skills ~

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