Morbid Dollie What's Yours?

Gotta change this challenge, so here goes:

I'll do something more simple. The idea of this challenge is to make a card featuring your favorite couple in Bleach. Some people like Ichihime, others like Ishihime and IchiRuki, you get the idea. So, all I want you to do is make a card featuring the couple you like best.

1. No stealing.

2. Credit all sources, if any are used. Please provide links as well.

3. No UlquiHime. I kid~

4. If possible, state in the description anything that you can to explain why you like them as a couple, or if there are any moments in the anime/manga that makes them seem as a couple.

5. Unlimited entries.

6. Have fun~

*I wanna say sorry to everyone about this change. I didn't want to do it, but there was already a challenge relatively similar to this, so it was for the best that I changed it. I give a special apology to those who have already submitted something in my challenge*

1 month~

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My Love for You ~Blue Latte
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Fuyu no Hanabi ~Ritona
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