Hulaberry32 Retrospect!

Have you ever wanted the chance to remake a card you feel could be improved? Well, this is the challenge for you! If you would like to participate in a similar challenge like this for wallpapers, click HERE.

Point of the Challenge

I want you guys to find a card in your gallery that you like the least. Using the image you used in said least-favorite card, I want you to recreate the card to make it better in whatever way you see fit!


  • You must link back to the original card you are recreating
  • Link to the image you used in the card
  • Briefly explain what you did differently in the newly improved card
  • Briefly explain why you chose that card to recreate
  • Up to three entries per person
  • You don't have to dedicate it to me
  • HAVE FUN. :D


First Place - Three cards + Two Avatar Requests

Second Place - Two cards + One Avatar Request

Third Place - One Card + Gift

You have one month to blow my mind with how much your card skills have improved. XD Good luck!

Note: Everyone who participated in my last challenge was invited to this challenge; you do not have to enter if you don't want to!

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Perfectly Attractive ~ecnelisterger
Eternal Love Sign ~Ritona Raito
{W}aterFALL ~ShiningHime
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