Blue Latte I want something REAL!!!

I lack of ideas XD

Hi guys..
I decided to make an e-card challenge, again. I know theOtaku is an anime and manga website but this time, I want you all to make a card using real life images, no anime or manga. Images can be celebrities, scenery, animals, flowers, etc as long as they are from real life. (I prefer celebrities though XD)

In case you need examples:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

- Follow theOtaku rules
- No yaoi/yuri (of course)
- The card can be any type or genre
- Give credit to the image and all other textures/brushes
- Cannot be from anime/manga/games/anything unreal
- Unlimited entries
- You don't need to dedicate the card to me, I'll check all entries

I'm looking forward to seeing high quality cards. I'll be judging based on the quality and creativity..
And for the prizes, sorry... I can't promise you prizes. XP
I'm giving you one month for this, can't wait to see what you guys will come up with! XD

And anyone is allowed to enter! Do your best and good luck :)

Any questions? Comment bellow!

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TokyoHaru Kaagemusha
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Here I am ~TokyoHaru
hands up. ~Angel Zakuro
Inner Beauty ~ ~ShiningHime
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