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Hey everyone, welcome to my second challenge! =D
Had this idea for a while now, my former challenge ended yesterday, so I made this challenge instantly ^^

Music, being a major part of our lives, never gets boring. On TheO, there have been a lot of music related challenges, so I thought I'd join in! ^^
People on here who also have a Facebook account might be familiar with this idea =) You're going to make a card about you're own band! But it's not that easy, because you won't get to choose anything n.n The card will be the front of you're bands first album, so it will contain the name of the band, the name of the album and a photo. And here's the catch; you'll make it out of the following links.
This will be your bands name, a random wikipedia page
The name of the album will be the last 3-5 words of the last quote on this page
And the pic will be the first picture on this Flickr page

All you have to do is give it a nice layout using cool typography's, textures and everything.

Here are some rules;
-You must, and with that I mean you MUST, post the link to the article on Wiki, the photo on Flickr and you must post the full quote!
-Judging will be done on how you put it together, not on what is says
-You can have two entries, but please, don't keep trying links untill you get something you like
-You have one month, cuz this should be quite easy
-You must have fun! =D

-If you have some time left, I'd love to hear something about the band! n.n Like, what music you make, where you're from and everything ^^
-Again, you must have fun! =D

This is my example of what it could be like.

Now, after this lengthy description, on to the prizes! =D

First Prize; Medal, A wallpaper, two card-requests and a subsciption
Second Prize; Medal, A wallpaper and a subscription
Third Prize; Medal, a card and a subscription

And every entry will be gifted! ^^

Good luck

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