nirvana donut Ranma 1/2 Fun!

ok guys, i've heard the cries of the ones who arent witty! your card doesnt have to be funny, but funny cards are more likely to win, got it? :-p

please enter! xoxoxo

Ranma 1/2 is the best! i knew you'd agree

the challenge is pretty simple: make a funny ranma ecard!
there arent enough ranma cards, and the ones we have are all way too serious!!!

it shouldnt be hard, ranma is a hilarious show, there's a lot of goofy material to work with.

The winners!!!

First Place: I'll make you a wallpaper of your choice! (havent made one of those in a while) and give you love and all that. a gift too.
Second Place: I'll make you a card of your choice, and love you. a gift too.
Third Place: Hmm, you get love, and a gift.

Everyone else, you get love!!! plus, if i decide that yours rocked, even if you didnt get a medal, you still get prizes.

p.s. i have a weird sense of humor, your card doesn't necessarily have to be conventionally funny. slightly disturbing is great too.

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Ranma 1/2
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good place ~
Being Animal ~ecnelisterger
Fear ~chocolatemud
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