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Ok, so I have been wanting to make a challenge again for quite some time now, and I couldn't find what to make one of. And then about a week ago it hit me what to do, then I forgot until tonight but either way, it's going to be rather simple, sucks right?
But still I want you guys to make a card to show your appreaceation to the MODS's who run this site. (there is also a challenge to show your love to the O, go check it out!)
I'll be giving you a month to do it!

1: Deicate it to the mods
2: as many cards as you wish to inter
3:No stealing work
4:I would prefer links to the sites where you got it, but if not the link i have to have the name of the place
5:signature it, it can be really tiny, but I would prefer it there, so noone can steal your work.

enjoy, and feel free to ask if you need anything else

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Damn Precious ~SakuraDust
Rule It ~ecnelisterger
BUrNinG C H A L L E N G E R ~
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