BabyD AMV's Tribute!

Wow it's been a while since my last challenge! Well here I am again and this time is gonna be different. What i want you to do in this contest is that i want you to pick an AMV (anime music video) and do an ecard from the amv that inspired you. It can be from any anime.

Here's a card i made after watching this AMV

Pretty easy, right? ;D

Only two rule!
Card must have the link of the AMV you choose. So that way you can give credit to the person who made the amv aaaand that way we can watch it too!! o3o
Only one submission per person.

Well I was thinking in buying the prizes and give it to the winners. Why? Since I've been here (theO) so much time and have so much fun, i decide to give something back to you guys. So! those who win can choose their prizes (First and second place, i guess third place receive the remaining prize ^^;) and i will send it via mail. Obviously is gonna be private any kind of information. But if there someone who still don't feel well giving any kind of info can still join, If someone win but don't want the prizes the 4th place or 5th place can receive the prize, if they want of course.

Just in case, this are not the only prizes I'm gonna give, I'll be updating every time i get more prizes ;)

~5 Naruto Shippuden Plushies.
~Shakugan No Shana Box Set.
~The Hunger Games Book, Pin Set and Licute Keychain

PS: My English sucks so if someone have any question or doubt just ask ;D

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