IchigoShirayuki KH Couples

As you all could guess from the title this Challenge has to be about KH( Kingdom hearts) couples

It can be any KH couple you choose or like. Doesn't matter if it is yaoi, yuri, or just a normal pairing. It can be from any of the games as well. Not just 1. I just want to see what couple you like the best =] Please try to find a good quality scan. nothing too pixelated. ':]

Has to be creative. Maybe a nice quote in there as well. Can be sweet or sexy, doesn't matter. colorful or dark. So basically just have fun and try your best! please give credit to all sources used.

Remember 2 submissions per person or 1, but no more than 2 ^_^

1st place Prize: 2 cards of your choice
2nd place Prize 1 card of your choice
3rd place Prize: 3 Avatar/icon of your choice

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Kingdom Hearts
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that time. ~Angel Zakuro
Enjoyable Days ~Ritona Raito
[Believe] ~BabyD
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