Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge

It’s time to go PiNK! All of us girls will make e-cards using the theme Breast Cancer Awareness.

Meaning make the e-card show your support, or something that can give us hope and inspiration in regards to Breast cancer. Make an e-card that you can show someone and give them that feeling of support, concern, love, and so on, anything positive and encouraging.

It does not have to be a serious e-card, or sappy [although it can be, I am open to all emotions so use them]. It can be a really fun or sort of comedic e-card, but not lame jokes, or negative. Example would be like this type of fun: :click:

- nothing tasteless or hentai
- no profanity
- unlimited entries
- please use pink, it doesn’t have to be a totally pink e-card just stick pink in there somewhere.

- Well for this challenge I really think everyone is a winner because this isn’t about what looks good or flashy it’s just a event where we can do something even if it’s little.
- I will pick winners based on the e-card that is most touching or really gives me a sincere feeling.
- Everyone entering gets a gift, a pink piggie.
- Winner(s) will get cake, strawberry pocky stick, strawberry pocky box, cherry, cupcake, sushi, rose, and piggie.

Alright then, let’s begin! ^_^

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Breast Cancer Awareness ~DemonsandAngels
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